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Fix usage of CinderNfsServers
This feature stopped working somewhere along the lines. In the past it was working with parameter_defaults like this: CinderNfsServers: '' or CinderNfsServers: "[fd00:fd00:fd00:3000::1]:/srv/nfs/cinder" The problem was that the templating escaped these strings, and puppet-tripleo didn't receive a proper array, but a string. This patch fixes this. It accepts strings as above as well as comma-delimited lists of Nfs Servers. Closes-Bug: 1671153 Change-Id: I89439c1d969e92cb8e0503de561e22409deafdfc (cherry picked from commit 9445b0e0972696e7de1c0a702f456571d12fa964)
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+ - Fixes an issue when using the CinderNfsServers
+ parameter_defaults setting. It now works using a
+ single share as well as a comma-separated list of
+ shares.