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+ The default network for the ctlplane changed from to
+ All references to the ctlplane network in the templates
+ have been updated to reflect this change. When upgrading from a previous
+ release, if the default network was used for the ctlplane (,
+ then it is necessary to provide as input, via environment file, the correct
+ setting for all the parameters that previously defaulted to 192.0.2.x and
+ now default to 192.168.24.x; there is an environment file which could be
+ used on upgrade `environments/updates/update-from-192_0_2-subnet.yaml` to
+ cover a simple scenario but it won't be enough for scenarios using an
+ external load balancer, Contrail or Cisto N1KV. Follows a list of params to
+ be provided on upgrade.
+ From contrail-net.yaml: EC2MetadataIp, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute
+ From external-loadbalancer-vip-v6.yaml: ControlFixedIPs
+ From external-loadbalancer-vip.yaml: ControlFixedIPs
+ From network-environment.yaml: EC2MetadataIp, ControlPlaneDefaultRoute
+ From neutron-ml2-cisco-n1kv.yaml: N1000vVSMIP, N1000vMgmtGatewayIP
+ From contrail-vrouter.yaml: ContrailVrouterGateway