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manila: set "host" to "hostgroup"
when running manila-share under control of pacemaker, as is done for cinder-volume service in the same circumstance. Change-Id: Ic97f01913bae2a388c962a38fa175eb1d763cdcb Depends-On: Ie31f2d5ccf458f5fcfe8bec5f2c37f45070cfde2 Closes-Bug: #1712842 (cherry picked from commit 8fa6c6e58c7ac0d32bf2f0dfb586683cf006e3bf)
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+ - Set "host" parameter in manila.conf to 'hostgroup' when running
+ manila share service under pacemaker. This labels instances of
+ the service on different nodes with the same "host" as cinder does
+ in this circumstance so that the instances are considered by
+ OpenStack to provide the same service and manila share is able to
+ maintain management of shares on the backend after failover and
+ failback.