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Remove deprecation handling from custom roles
For deployed-server custom roles, the deprecation handlings are removed. As these have always been custom roles with definitions generated from role.role.j2.yaml, these original (now deprecated) param names were never present for anyone using this deployed-server roles data file. Specifically, deprecated_server_resource_name is quite troublesome as it will cause the server resources to get replaced on upgrade as the resource name changes. These were all introduced in If4a8388634fb1dcbb47beeabbd3db005abc80d4e, and this commit removes them. Change-Id: I1c1267f19db972b55466f4649eda62dd7814b94a Closes-Bug: #1723177 (cherry picked from commit 6e7a431df0b7790512eb1920500b8878701c691a)
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