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authorSofer Athlan-Guyot <sathlang@redhat.com>2017-10-03 17:59:19 +0200
committerAthlan-Guyot sofer <sathlang@redhat.com>2017-10-09 13:56:37 +0000
commitd76998fcbb43684f1464b1feabfe0fc1f5ac7569 (patch)
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Special treatment for os-net-config upgrade.
We make sure to run upgrade and run os-net-config on its own. Running os-net-config with the no-activate option will - prevent the restart of the interface - adjust the network files to the expected configuration so that next run won't restart the network. Eventually at next reboot the change will be taken into account. Currently we have no change that are required to be taken live during the upgrade so it safe to ignore the new parameters. Closes-Bug: #1721073 Change-Id: I51464274d5dff8a267992ae303ac3517b78d08fb (cherry picked from commit 5aab25bb68f62b0d7e4ffdc20d4f4da1d82a76db)
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diff --git a/puppet/services/tripleo-packages.yaml b/puppet/services/tripleo-packages.yaml
index 2a8620c..0dbdbf8 100644
--- a/puppet/services/tripleo-packages.yaml
+++ b/puppet/services/tripleo-packages.yaml
@@ -53,6 +53,15 @@ outputs:
fail: msg="rpm-python package was not present before this run! Check environment before re-running"
when: rpm_python_check.changed != false
tags: step0
+ - block:
+ - name: Upgrade os-net-config
+ yum: name=os-net-config state=latest
+ - name: take new os-net-config parameters into account now
+ command: os-net-config --no-activate -c /etc/os-net-config/config.json -v --detailed-exit-codes
+ register: os_net_config_upgrade
+ failed_when: os_net_config_upgrade.rc not in [0,2]
+ changed_when: os_net_config_upgrade.rc == 2
+ tags: step3
- name: Update all packages
tags: step3
yum: name=* state=latest