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Add panko publisher in the event pipeline
Even though panko is deprecated, we still enable it by default. So lets keep it in pipeline as well until its fully dead. Change-Id: Idac89820a66c59b921551857cccae6dbc38241c3 (cherry picked from commit 3dbd5bfe86c2d6864c5678774fc7f910ab846300)
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diff --git a/puppet/services/ceilometer-base.yaml b/puppet/services/ceilometer-base.yaml
index 5cc020a9..b4c361a3 100644
--- a/puppet/services/ceilometer-base.yaml
+++ b/puppet/services/ceilometer-base.yaml
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ parameters:
description: Whether to manage event_pipeline.yaml.
type: boolean
- default: ['gnocchi://']
+ default: ['gnocchi://', 'panko://']
description: >
A list of publishers to put in event_pipeline.yaml. When the
collector is used, override this with notifier:// publisher.