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authorMichele Baldessari <michele@acksyn.org>2016-10-19 15:02:29 +0200
committerMichele Baldessari <michele@acksyn.org>2016-10-21 07:46:12 +0200
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Remove double tcp_listen_options entries for rabbit
After a brand new deployment we have the following in rabbitmq.config: ... {rabbit, [ {tcp_listen_options, [binary, {packet, raw}, {reuseaddr, true}, {backlog, 128}, {nodelay, true}, {exit_on_close, false}] }, {tcp_listen_options, [binary, {packet, raw}, {reuseaddr, true}, {backlog, 128}, {nodelay, true}, {exit_on_close, false}, {keepalive, true}]}, ... Let's remove these duplicate entries and make sure that we use the parameters for the puppet module to set the following values explicitely (it's the only parameter where we do not use the default setting from the puppet module): keepalive = true -> rabbitmq::tcp_keepalive: true All the other options that we set are the default in the puppet module: {packet, raw} {reuseaddr, true} {backlog, 128}{nodelay, true} {exit_on_close, false} Depends-On: I608477d5714a5081b3b4ab3b9fc2932bdd598301 Change-Id: I35921652bd84d1d6be0727051294983d4a0dde10
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diff --git a/puppet/services/rabbitmq.yaml b/puppet/services/rabbitmq.yaml
index 5387529..44a09a4 100644
--- a/puppet/services/rabbitmq.yaml
+++ b/puppet/services/rabbitmq.yaml
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ outputs:
rabbitmq::port: '5672'
rabbitmq::package_source: undef
rabbitmq::repos_ensure: false
+ rabbitmq::tcp_keepalive: true
RABBITMQ_NODENAME: "rabbit@%{::hostname}"
RABBITMQ_SERVER_ERL_ARGS: '"+K true +P 1048576 -kernel inet_default_connect_options [{nodelay,true},{raw,6,18,<<5000:64/native>>}] -kernel inet_default_listen_options [{raw,6,18,<<5000:64/native>>}]"'
@@ -78,7 +79,6 @@ outputs:
inet_dist_listen_min: '25672'
inet_dist_listen_max: '25672'
- tcp_listen_options: '[binary, {packet, raw}, {reuseaddr, true}, {backlog, 128}, {nodelay, true}, {exit_on_close, false}, {keepalive, true}]'
cluster_partition_handling: 'pause_minority'
queue_master_locator: '<<"min-masters">>'
loopback_users: '[]'