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Update CloudDomain description
First, this parameter must match what is configured on the undercloud, so strengthen that language. There is also now an undercloud.conf parameter that can be used to set the requisite options on the undercloud services, so just point users at that rather than trying to explain how to configure the services manually (which is error-prone and doesn't survive undercloud updates). Change-Id: I002cce176e3430473a29e79efde3464bddb24cc7
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@@ -85,8 +85,8 @@ parameters:
default: 'localdomain'
type: string
description: >
- The DNS domain used for the hosts. This should match the dhcp_domain
- configured in the Undercloud neutron. Defaults to localdomain.
+ The DNS domain used for the hosts. This must match the
+ overcloud_domain_name configured on the undercloud.
default: {}
description: >