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Convert puppet and docker steps to ansible
Replace the multiple SoftwareDeployment resources with a common playbook that runs on all roles, consuming the configuration data written via the HostPrepAnsible tasks. This hopefully simplifies things, and will enable re-running the deploy steps for minor updates (we'll need some way to detect a container should be replaced, but that will be done via a follow-up patch). Change-Id: I674a4d9d2c77d1f6fbdb0996f6c9321848e32662
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diff --git a/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml b/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
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--- a/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
+++ b/puppet/role.role.j2.yaml
@@ -450,6 +450,7 @@ resources:
- '"%{::uuid}"'
- heat_config_%{::deploy_config_name}
+ - config_step
- {{role.lower()}}_extraconfig
- extraconfig
- service_names