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Cisco nexus config template - obsolete parameter (replay count).
Due to fix: https://bugs.launchpad.net/networking-cisco/+bug/1469839, the replay count parameter is no longer used. This needs to be reflected in the Triple O templates. Change-Id: I666c4394108287adcb4989e897ab3936667a602b Closes-bug: #1551387
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diff --git a/puppet/extraconfig/all_nodes/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.yaml b/puppet/extraconfig/all_nodes/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.yaml
index 655fd0f2..71445800 100644
--- a/puppet/extraconfig/all_nodes/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.yaml
+++ b/puppet/extraconfig/all_nodes/neutron-ml2-cisco-nexus-ucsm.yaml
@@ -65,11 +65,18 @@ parameters:
default: false
type: number
- description: Time interval to check the state of the Nexus device
+ description: >
+ Time interval to check the state of the Nexus device. The units of this
+ object are seconds. Setting this object to a value of 0 disables the
+ replay feature.
default: 0
type: number
- description: Number of times to attempt config replay
+ description: >
+ This configuration item is OBSOLETE. The Nexus driver replay behavior
+ is to continue to attempt to connect to the down Nexus device with a
+ period equal to the heartbeat time interval. This was previously the
+ Number of times to attempt config replay.
default: 3
type: boolean