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authorOliver Walsh <owalsh@redhat.com>2017-10-20 23:27:15 +0100
committerOliver Walsh <owalsh@redhat.com>2017-11-10 09:25:25 +0000
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Refactor cellv2 host discovery logic to avoid races
The compute service list is polled until all expected hosts are reported or a timeout occurs (600s). Adds a cellv2_discovery flag to puppet services. Used to generate a list of hosts that should have cellv2 host mappings. Adds a canonical fqdn and that should match the fqdn reported by a host. Adds the ability to upload a config script for docker config instead of using complex bash on-liners. Closes-bug: 1720821 Change-Id: I33e2f296526c957cb5f96dff19682a4e60c6a0f0 (cherry picked from commit 61fcfca045aeb5be1ee280d8dd9c260fb39b9084)
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diff --git a/overcloud.j2.yaml b/overcloud.j2.yaml
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--- a/overcloud.j2.yaml
+++ b/overcloud.j2.yaml
@@ -642,6 +642,21 @@ resources:
{% for role in roles %}
- {get_attr: [{{role.name}}ServiceNames, value]}
{% endfor %}
+ cellv2_discovery_hosts:
+ # Collects compute hostnames for all roles with a service that requires cellv2 host discovery
+ list_join:
+ - ','
+ - yaql:
+ expression: coalesce($.data.e.zip($.data.l).where($[0]).select($[1]).flatten(), [])
+ data:
+ e: # list of true/fails for whether cellsv2 host discovery is required for the roles
+{%- for role in roles %}
+ - {get_attr: [{{role.name}}ServiceChainRoleData, value, cellv2_discovery]}
+{%- endfor %}
+ l: # list of list of compute hostnames for the roles
+{%- for role in roles %}
+ - {get_attr: [{{role.name}}, hostname_map, canonical]}
+{%- endfor %}
controller_ips: {get_attr: [{{primary_role_name}}, ip_address]}
controller_names: {get_attr: [{{primary_role_name}}, hostname]}