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Add RoleNetIpMap output to overcloud.j2.yaml
To enable easier detection of the IPs associated with nodes (such as to enable the tripleo-validations ansible inventory to work with custom roles more easily) expose the data we already have about the nodes/roles and the list of IPs for each network. Change-Id: I5667a142f47fbff120c703bedadd8b6e163c9480
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@@ -692,3 +692,9 @@ outputs:
{% for role in roles %}
{{role.name}}: {get_attr: [{{role.name}}ServiceChain, role_data]}
{% endfor %}
+ RoleNetIpMap:
+ description: Mapping of each network to a list of IPs for each role
+ value:
+{% for role in roles %}
+ {{role.name}}: {get_attr: [{{role.name}}IpListMap, net_ip_map]}
+{% endfor %}