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Refacter Endpoints into EndpointMap
Because many of the service endpoints URLs use the same patterns for generating the URLs it makes sense to use the same templates to reduce the copy and paste. In the process also adds support for explicitly specifying hostnames for use in the endpoints. Note: DNS must be pre-configured. The Heat templates do not directly configure DNS. Change-Id: Ie3270909beca3d63f2d7e4bcb04c559380ddc54d Co-Authored-By: Juan Antonio Osorio Robles <jaosorior@redhat.com>
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--- a/overcloud-without-mergepy.yaml
+++ b/overcloud-without-mergepy.yaml
@@ -79,14 +79,6 @@ parameters:
default: ''
description: Set to True to enable debugging on all services.
type: string
- GlancePort:
- default: "9292"
- description: Glance port.
- type: string
- GlanceProtocol:
- default: http
- description: Protocol to use when connecting to glance, set to https for SSL.
- type: string
default: /dev/log
description: Syslog address where HAproxy will send its log
@@ -759,6 +751,22 @@ resources:
length: 10
+ EndpointMap:
+ type: OS::TripleO::EndpointMap
+ properties:
+ CeilometerApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, CeilometerApiNetwork]}]}
+ CinderApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, CinderApiNetwork]}]}
+ GlanceApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, GlanceApiNetwork]}]}
+ GlanceRegistryVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, GlanceRegistryNetwork]}]}
+ HeatApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, HeatApiNetwork]}]}
+ KeystoneAdminApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, KeystoneAdminApiNetwork]}]}
+ KeystonePublicApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, KeystonePublicApiNetwork]}]}
+ MysqlVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, MysqlNetwork]}]}
+ NeutronApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, NeutronApiNetwork]}]}
+ NovaApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, NovaApiNetwork]}]}
+ SwiftProxyVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, SwiftProxyNetwork]}]}
+ PublicVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, external]}
type: OS::Heat::ResourceGroup
depends_on: Networks
@@ -792,8 +800,6 @@ resources:
ExtraConfig: {get_param: ExtraConfig}
FencingConfig: {get_param: FencingConfig}
Flavor: {get_param: OvercloudControlFlavor}
- GlancePort: {get_param: GlancePort}
- GlanceProtocol: {get_param: GlanceProtocol}
GlancePassword: {get_param: GlancePassword}
GlanceBackend: {get_param: GlanceBackend}
GlanceNotifierStrategy: {get_param: GlanceNotifierStrategy}
@@ -867,6 +873,7 @@ resources:
VirtualIP: {get_attr: [ControlVirtualIP, fixed_ips, 0, ip_address]} # deprecated. Use per service VIP settings instead now.
PublicVirtualIP: {get_attr: [PublicVirtualIP, ip_address]}
ServiceNetMap: {get_param: ServiceNetMap}
+ EndpointMap: {get_attr: [EndpointMap, endpoint_map]}
CeilometerApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, CeilometerApiNetwork]}]}
CinderApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, CinderApiNetwork]}]}
HeatApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, HeatApiNetwork]}]}
@@ -904,8 +911,6 @@ resources:
ExtraConfig: {get_param: ExtraConfig}
Flavor: {get_param: OvercloudComputeFlavor}
GlanceHost: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, GlanceApiNetwork]}]}
- GlancePort: {get_param: GlancePort}
- GlanceProtocol: {get_param: GlanceProtocol}
Image: {get_param: NovaImage}
ImageUpdatePolicy: {get_param: ImageUpdatePolicy}
KeyName: {get_param: KeyName}
@@ -948,6 +953,7 @@ resources:
SnmpdReadonlyUserName: {get_param: SnmpdReadonlyUserName}
SnmpdReadonlyUserPassword: {get_param: SnmpdReadonlyUserPassword}
ServiceNetMap: {get_param: ServiceNetMap}
+ EndpointMap: {get_attr: [EndpointMap, endpoint_map]}
UpdateIdentifier: {get_param: UpdateIdentifier}
@@ -974,8 +980,6 @@ resources:
KeyName: {get_param: KeyName}
Flavor: {get_param: OvercloudBlockStorageFlavor}
VirtualIP: {get_attr: [ControlVirtualIP, fixed_ips, 0, ip_address]}
- GlancePort: {get_param: GlancePort}
- GlanceProtocol: {get_param: GlanceProtocol}
GlanceApiVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, GlanceApiNetwork]}]}
RabbitPassword: {get_param: RabbitPassword}
RabbitUserName: {get_param: RabbitUserName}
@@ -989,6 +993,7 @@ resources:
'%stackname%': {get_param: 'OS::stack_name'}
ServiceNetMap: {get_param: ServiceNetMap}
+ EndpointMap: {get_attr: [EndpointMap, endpoint_map]}
MysqlVirtualIP: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, MysqlNetwork]}]}
ExtraConfig: {get_param: ExtraConfig}
BlockStorageExtraConfig: {get_param: BlockStorageExtraConfig}
@@ -1414,12 +1419,7 @@ resources:
description: URL for the Overcloud Keystone service
- value:
- list_join:
- - ''
- - - http://
- - {get_attr: [PublicVirtualIP, ip_address]}
- - :5000/v2.0/
+ value: {get_attr: [EndpointMap, endpoint_map, KeystonePublic, uri]}
description: Keystone Admin VIP endpoint
value: {get_attr: [VipMap, net_ip_map, {get_param: [ServiceNetMap, KeystoneAdminApiNetwork]}]}