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Provides a list of per-service ctlplane IPs to the workflows env
Adds in the execution environment of the workflow steps a list of per-service network IPs. This can be used by the workflows to execute actions against the nodes hosting a given service. Change-Id: Id7c735d53f04f6ad848b2f9f1adaa3c84ecd2fcd Implements: blueprint tripleo-ceph-ansible
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diff --git a/network/ports/net_ip_list_map.yaml b/network/ports/net_ip_list_map.yaml
index c3734af..a9111ed 100644
--- a/network/ports/net_ip_list_map.yaml
+++ b/network/ports/net_ip_list_map.yaml
@@ -133,6 +133,20 @@ outputs:
SERVICE: {get_attr: [EnabledServicesValue, value]}
- values: {get_param: ServiceNetMap}
- values: {get_attr: [NetIpMapValue, value]}
+ ctlplane_service_ips:
+ description: >
+ Map of enabled services to a list of their ctlplane IP addresses
+ value:
+ yaql:
+ expression: dict($.data.map.items().where(len($[1]) > 0))
+ data:
+ map:
+ map_merge:
+ repeat:
+ template:
+ SERVICE_ctlplane_node_ips: {get_param: ControlPlaneIpList}
+ for_each:
+ SERVICE: {get_attr: [EnabledServicesValue, value]}
description: >
Map of enabled services to a list of hostnames where they're running