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Compute: drive NW configuration via software conf
This example extends the compute software configuration so that heat metadata is used to model the os-net-config YAML (ultimately JSON) directly. The existing os-net-config element already supports this format. Configuring the physical network layer in this manner would supplant the ever growing list of Heat parameters that we have and is something that could be automatically generated via tuskar. The default is to use net-config-noop.yaml which will pass no config metadata into the os-net-config element which will essentially disable it in favor of using parameters w/ init-neutron-ovs. Change-Id: I30f325b1751caaef5624537e63ee27c2e418d5c8
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+heat_template_version: 2014-10-16
+description: >
+ Software Config to no-op for os-net-config. Using this will allow you
+ to use the parameter driven (init-neutron-ovs) configuration instead.
+ OsNetConfigImpl:
+ type: OS::Heat::StructuredConfig
+ properties:
+ group: os-apply-config
+ config:
+ config_id:
+ description: The ID of the OsNetConfigImpl resource.
+ value:
+ {get_resource: OsNetConfigImpl}