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committerBen Nemec <bnemec@redhat.com>2015-12-18 13:05:54 -0600
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Add Management Network For System Administration.
This change adds a system management network to all overcloud nodes. The purpose of this network is for system administration, for access to infrastructure services like DNS or NTP, or for monitoring. This allows the management network to be placed on a bond for redundancy, or for the system management network to be an out-of-band network with no routing in or out. The management network might also be configured as a default route instead of the provisioning 'ctlplane' network. This change does not enable the management network by default. An environment file named network-management.yaml may be included to enable the network and ports for each role. The included NIC config templates have been updated with a block that may be uncommented when the management network is enabled. This change also contains some minor cleanup to the NIC templates, particularly the multiple nic templates. Change-Id: I0813a13f60a4f797be04b34258a2cffa9ea7e84f
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@@ -29,6 +29,10 @@ parameters:
default: ''
description: IP address/subnet on the tenant network
type: string
+ ManagementIpSubnet:
+ default: ''
+ description: IP address/subnet on the management network
+ type: string