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Make Deploy/UpdateIdentifier definition semi-consistent
It seems UpdateIdentifier is an overloaded parameter - it is used both to trigger package updates in the minor update case as well as to trigger the upgrade steps during a major upgrade. I'm not sure it's appropriate to change either of the descriptions as a result, so for the moment that is added to the exclusion list. Change-Id: Ied36cf259f6a6e5c8cfa7a01722fb7fda6900976 Partial-Bug: 1700664
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diff --git a/extraconfig/post_deploy/example_run_on_update.yaml b/extraconfig/post_deploy/example_run_on_update.yaml
index 346a1d7..4e378b1 100644
--- a/extraconfig/post_deploy/example_run_on_update.yaml
+++ b/extraconfig/post_deploy/example_run_on_update.yaml
@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ parameters:
# otherwise unchanged
type: string
+ default: ''
+ description: >
+ Setting this to a unique value will re-run any deployment tasks which perform configuration on a Heat stack-update.