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Set the name property for all deployment resources
There are two reasons the name property should always be set for deployment resources: - The name often shows up in logs, files and API calls, the default derived name is long and unhelpful - Sorting by name determines the merge order of os-apply-config, and the execution order of puppet/shell scripts (note this is different to resource dependency order) so leaving the default name results in an undetermined order which could lead to unpredictable deployment of configs This change simply sets the name to the resource name, but a future change should prepend each name with a run-parts style 2 digit prefix so that the order is explicitly stated. Documentation for extraconfig needs to clearly state what prefix is needed to override which merge/execution order. For existing overcloud stacks, heat currently replaces deployment resources when the name changes, so this change Depends-On: I95037191915ccd32b2efb72203b146897a4edbc9 Change-Id: Ic4bcd56aa65b981275c3d4214588bfc4de63b3b0
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diff --git a/extraconfig/post_deploy/example.yaml b/extraconfig/post_deploy/example.yaml
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--- a/extraconfig/post_deploy/example.yaml
+++ b/extraconfig/post_deploy/example.yaml
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ resources:
type: OS::Heat::SoftwareDeployments
+ name: ExtraDeployments
servers: {get_param: servers}
config: {get_resource: ExtraConfig}
actions: ['CREATE'] # Only do this on CREATE