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Create entries for overcloud VIPs in /etc/hosts
This will aid us in using FQDNs instead of IPs if DNS is not set. If the deployer already has DNS set up, they can easily disable this profile by adding the use-dns-for-vips.yaml environment file. bp tls-via-certmonger Change-Id: I8c1b3f253d0149d575171c208f9a1342a7b26450 Depends-On: I1bdb2701dfb3e7ef072e674c9882d3be5af7296c
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+# A Heat environment file which can be used to disable the writing of the VIPs
+# to the /etc/hosts file in the overcloud. Use this in case you have a working
+# DNS server that you will provide for the overcloud.
+ OS::TripleO::Services::VipHosts: OS::Heat::None