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SSHD Service extensions
This change implements a MOTD message and provides a hash of sshd config options which are sourced to the puppet-ssh module as a hash. The SSHD puppet service is enabled by default, as it is required for Idb56acd1e1ecb5a5fd4d942969be428cc9cbe293. Also added the service to the CI roles. Change-Id: Ie2e01d93082509b8ede37297067eab03bb1ab06e Depends-On: I1d09530d69e42c0c36311789166554a889e46556 Closes-Bug: #1668543 Co-Authored-By: Oliver Walsh <owalsh@redhat.com>
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- OS::TripleO::Services::Sshd: ../puppet/services/sshd.yaml
BannerText: |
@@ -11,3 +8,6 @@ parameter_defaults:
* evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide *
* the evidence from such monitoring to law enforcement officials.*
+ MessageOfTheDay: |
+ ALERT! You are entering into a secured area!
+ This service is restricted to authorized users only.