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Support network isolation without external nets
This patch adds extra heat environments that can be used to enable network isolation without using the external network. Instead of a separate external network the ctlplane will be used for all of the external/public traffic. Change-Id: Ia542cee02121771d7d57ac701b62d7608e8d1855
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+# This template configures each role to use a pair of bonded nics (nic2 and
+# nic3) and configures an IP address on each relevant isolated network
+# for each role.
+# This template assumes use of network-isolation.yaml and should be specified
+# last on the CLI as a Heat environment so as to override specific
+# registry settings in the network-isolation registry.
+# FIXME: if/when we add functionality to heatclient to include heat
+# environment files we should think about using it here to automatically
+# include network-isolation.yaml.
+ # Set external ports to noop
+ OS::TripleO::Network::External: ../network/noop.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Controller::Ports::ExternalPort: ../network/ports/noop.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::BlockStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/bond-with-vlans/cinder-storage.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/bond-with-vlans/compute.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/bond-with-vlans/controller-no-external.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::ObjectStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/bond-with-vlans/swift-storage.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::CephStorage::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../network/config/bond-with-vlans/ceph-storage.yaml
+# NOTE: with no external interface we should be able to use the
+# default Neutron l3_agent.ini setting for the external bridge (br-ex)
+# i.e. No need to set: NeutronExternalNetworkBridge: "''"