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committerSteven Hardy <shardy@redhat.com>2017-06-09 17:10:43 +0100
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Remove duplicate docker/puppet services.yaml
Move to one common services.yaml not only reduces the duplication, but it should improve performance for the docker/services.yaml case, because we were creating two ResourceChains with $many services which we know can be really slow (especially since we seem to be missing concurrent: true on one) Change-Id: I76f188438bfc6449b152c2861d99738e6eb3c61b
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diff --git a/environments/docker.yaml b/environments/docker.yaml
index 2852794..bb1ebdc 100644
--- a/environments/docker.yaml
+++ b/environments/docker.yaml
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ resource_registry:
# This can be used when you don't want to run puppet on the host,
# e.g atomic, but it has been replaced with OS::TripleO::Services::Docker
# OS::TripleO::NodeUserData: ../docker/firstboot/setup_docker_host.yaml
- OS::TripleO::Services::Docker: ../puppet/services/docker.yaml
# The compute node still needs extra initialization steps
OS::TripleO::Compute::NodeUserData: ../docker/firstboot/setup_docker_host.yaml
@@ -51,8 +50,6 @@ resource_registry:
OS::TripleO::PostDeploySteps: ../docker/post.yaml
OS::TripleO::PostUpgradeSteps: ../docker/post-upgrade.yaml
- OS::TripleO::Services: ../docker/services/services.yaml
# To specify a local docker registry, enable these
# where is the host running docker-distribution