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Enable composable upgrades for docker service templates
This aligns the docker based services with the new composable upgrades architecture we landed for ocata, and does a first-pass adding upgrade_tasks for the services (these may change, atm we only disable the service on the host). To run the upgrade workflow you basically do two steps: openstack overcloud deploy --templates \ -e environments/major-upgrade-composable-steps-docker.yaml This will run the ansible upgrade steps we define via upgrade_tasks then run the normal docker PostDeploySteps to bring up the containers. For the puppet workflow there's then an operator driven step where compute nodes (and potentially storage nodes) are upgrades in batches and finally you do: openstack overcloud deploy --templates \ -e environments/major-upgrade-converge-docker.yaml In the puppet case this re-applies puppet to unpin the nova RPC API so I guess it'll restart the nova containers this affects but otherwise will be a no-op (we also disable the ansible steps at this point. Depends-On: I9057d47eea15c8ba92ca34717b6b5965d4425ab1 Change-Id: Ia50169819cb959025866348b11337728f8ed5c9e
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--- a/docker/services/mistral-executor.yaml
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@@ -92,3 +92,7 @@ outputs:
- /var/lib/config-data/nova/etc/nova:/etc/nova:ro
+ upgrade_tasks:
+ - name: Stop and disable mistral_executor service
+ tags: step2
+ service: name=openstack-mistral-executor state=stopped enabled=no