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authorDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2017-07-31 17:49:24 -0400
committerDan Prince <dprince@redhat.com>2017-08-01 10:06:47 -0400
commit975d862bc32510c0c9a1ae08bb511a43e97762a6 (patch)
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Fix keystone, cinder, heat-api cron containers
The cron containers need to run as root in order to create PID files correctly. Additionally, the keystone_cron container was misconfigured to use /usr/bin/cron instead of the correct /usr/bin/crond. Additionally we have an issue where the Kolla keystone container has hard coded ARGS for the docker container which causes -DFOREGROUND (an Apache specific argument) to get appended onto the kolla_start command thus causing crond to fail to startup correctly. This works around the issue by overriding the command and calling kolla_set_configs manually. Once we fix this in Kolla we can revisit this. Change-Id: Ib8fb2bef9a3bb89131265051e9ea304525b58374 Related-bug: 1707785
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/docker/services/keystone.yaml b/docker/services/keystone.yaml
index 7ecfc32..8860338 100644
--- a/docker/services/keystone.yaml
+++ b/docker/services/keystone.yaml
@@ -99,7 +99,9 @@ outputs:
merge: true
preserve_properties: true
- command: /usr/sbin/cron -n
+ # FIXME(dprince): this is unused ATM because Kolla hardcodes the
+ # args for the keystone container to -DFOREGROUND
+ command: /usr/sbin/crond -n
- source: "/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/*"
dest: "/"
@@ -164,9 +166,11 @@ outputs:
start_order: 4
image: *keystone_image
+ user: root
net: host
privileged: false
restart: always
+ command: ['/bin/bash', '-c', '/usr/local/bin/kolla_set_configs && /usr/sbin/crond -n']
- {get_attr: [ContainersCommon, volumes]}