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Add environment to disable deploy steps
This enables either deploying without configuring any services, or temporarily disabling the deploy steps such as will be required for minor updates where we want to re-run the rolling update outside of heat. To deploy directly via ansible-playbook you can do e.g: openstack overcloud config download --config-dir tmpconfig cd tmpconfig/tripleo-6b02U7-config ansible-playbook -vvv -b -i /usr/bin/tripleo-ansible-inventory deploy_steps_playbook.yaml Which will run the same ansible steps as we normally run via heat. Change-Id: I59947b67523dfcc43d454d4ac7d82b06804cf71d
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diff --git a/common/deploy-steps.j2 b/common/deploy-steps.j2
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--- a/common/deploy-steps.j2
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@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ resources:
{% for step in range(1, deploy_steps_max) %}
- type: OS::Heat::StructuredDeploymentGroup
+ type: OS::TripleO::DeploymentSteps
- WorkflowTasks_Step{{step}}_Execution
# TODO(gfidente): the following if/else condition