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Use os-net-config in multinode jobs
Full credits to James Slagle, author of this code in TripleO CI: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/409346 This patch adds a new template for configuring networking on the Overcloud nodes using os-net-config in multinode jobs. Previously we were not using os-net-config at all. Also updates the multinode.yaml environment to use this network config template. The IP of each subnode is used when the vxlan tunnels are configured in OVS, given that, each node needs its own unique network configuration. To accomodate that, the templates makes use of the network_config_hook function to influence run-os-net-config.sh This patch is just the first step to totally switching to os-net-config in multinode jobs. The devstack-gate code is still in use to bootstrap the initial networking on the undercloud and subnodes. That will be switched over in subsequent patches. Change-Id: I6efa71eb23109d0b3b480061135c572ab89f5981 Co-Authorized-By: James Slagle <jslagle@redhat.com> Implements: blueprint multinode-ci-os-net-config
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diff --git a/ci/environments/multinode.yaml b/ci/environments/multinode.yaml
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--- a/ci/environments/multinode.yaml
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
- OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../common/net-config-multinode.yaml
- OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../common/net-config-multinode.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Controller::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../common/net-config-multinode-os-net-config.yaml
+ OS::TripleO::Compute::Net::SoftwareConfig: ../common/net-config-multinode-os-net-config.yaml