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Disable network validation in multinode jobs
Sometimes the infracloud gateway refuses to ping even though everything else is working fine. Since we have coverage of this functionality in the OVB jobs it should be safe to turn it off here so it stops spuriously failing our jobs. We can't just set the resource to OS::Heat::None because there are other resources with dependencies on it. Instead, this adds a noop version of the validation software config that always returns true. Change-Id: I8361bc8be442b45c3ef6bdccdc53598fcb1d9540 Partial-Bug: 1680167
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+heat_template_version: pike
+description: >
+ Software Config to drive validations that occur on all nodes.
+ Note, you need the heat-config-script element built into your
+ images, due to the script group below.
+ This implementation of the validations is a noop that always reports success.
+ PingTestIps:
+ default: ''
+ description: A string containing a space separated list of IP addresses used to ping test each available network interface.
+ type: string
+ ValidateFqdn:
+ default: false
+ description: Optional validation to ensure FQDN as set by Nova matches the name set in /etc/hosts.
+ type: boolean
+ ValidateNtp:
+ default: true
+ description: Validation to ensure at least one time source is accessible.
+ type: boolean
+ AllNodesValidationsImpl:
+ type: OS::Heat::SoftwareConfig
+ properties:
+ group: script
+ inputs:
+ - name: ping_test_ips
+ default: {get_param: PingTestIps}
+ - name: validate_fqdn
+ default: {get_param: ValidateFqdn}
+ - name: validate_ntp
+ default: {get_param: ValidateNtp}
+ config: |
+ #!/bin/bash
+ exit 0
+ OS::stack_id:
+ description: The ID of the AllNodesValidationsImpl resource.
+ value: {get_resource: AllNodesValidationsImpl}