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Split out BootstrapNode SoftwareConfig
This patch splits out the BootstrapNode config such that alternate implementation (puppet for example) can implement their own SoftwareConfig's via a nested stack. This is controlled by the standard overcloud heat environment. For os-apply-config deployments the implementation should work the same as before. For puppet deployments the implementation uses hiera metadata to configure bootstrap_nodeid. Change-Id: I691a9d7c474866038a5d47beab295899b5479d03
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+heat_template_version: 2014-10-16
+description: 'Bootstrap Config'
+ bootstrap_nodeid:
+ type: string
+ BootstrapNodeConfigImpl:
+ type: OS::Heat::StructuredConfig
+ properties:
+ config:
+ bootstrap_host:
+ bootstrap_nodeid: {get_param: bootstrap_nodeid}
+ config_id:
+ description: The ID of the BootstrapNodeConfigImpl resource.
+ value:
+ {get_resource: BootstrapNodeConfigImpl}