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network validation to ping test each interface
This patches wires in a new "all nodes" validation resource that can be used to add validations that occur early on during the deployment process. This occurs after the nodes have been brought online and the initial networks have been configured but before any "post" (puppet, etc.) sort of configuration has been executed. A initial validation script has been added to ping test network IPs on each network. When using network isolation this will ensure network connectivity (vlans, etc) are working on each node and if not the heat stack will fail early, allowing time to fix the network connections and retry the stack creation via an update. Change-Id: I63cf95b27e8ad2aed48718cf84df5f324780e597 Co-Authored-By: Ian Main <imain@redhat.com> Co-Authored-By: Ryan Hallisey <rhallise@redhat.com>
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+heat_template_version: 2015-04-30
+description: >
+ Software Config to drive validations that occur on all nodes.
+ Note, you need the heat-config-script element built into your
+ images, due to the script group below.
+ PingTestIps:
+ default: ''
+ description: A string containing a space separated list of IP addresses used to ping test each available network interface.
+ type: string
+ AllNodesValidationsImpl:
+ type: OS::Heat::SoftwareConfig
+ properties:
+ group: script
+ inputs:
+ - name: ping_test_ips
+ default: {get_param: PingTestIps}
+ config: {get_file: ./validation-scripts/all-nodes.sh}
+ OS::stack_id:
+ description: The ID of the AllNodesValidationsImpl resource.
+ value: {get_resource: AllNodesValidationsImpl}