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committerGerrit Code Review <review@openstack.org>2016-11-24 19:25:01 +0000
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Merge "Increase reserved memory for computes when enabling DVR"
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diff --git a/environments/neutron-ovs-dvr.yaml b/environments/neutron-ovs-dvr.yaml
index b658d3a..f4f9990 100644
--- a/environments/neutron-ovs-dvr.yaml
+++ b/environments/neutron-ovs-dvr.yaml
@@ -37,3 +37,16 @@ parameter_defaults:
# NeutronL3HA can be returned to false. All new systems should be deployed
# with NeutronL3HA set to false.
NeutronL3HA: false
+ # Enabling DVR deploys additional services to the compute nodes that through
+ # normal operation will consume memory. The amount required is roughly
+ # proportional to the number of Neutron routers that will be scheduled to
+ # that host. It is necessary to reserve memory on the compute nodes to avoid
+ # memory issues when creating instances that are connected to routed
+ # networks. The current expected consumption is 50 MB per router in addition
+ # to the base reserved amount. Deployers should refer to existing
+ # documentation, release notes, etc. for additional information on estimating
+ # an appropriate value. The provided value here is based on an estimate of 10
+ # routers and is an example value *only* and should be reviewed and modified
+ # if necessary before deploying.
+ NovaReservedHostMemory: 2560