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authorAlan Bishop <abishop@redhat.com>2017-05-23 10:42:24 -0400
committerAlan Bishop <abishop@redhat.com>2017-06-02 11:56:40 -0400
commit862585bbbcf5a8b9bd171ada44cda90d3600f2d5 (patch)
parent0b6ce86e7ae59f25a6502269b216f16e2189708a (diff)
Handle upgrading cinder-volume under pacemaker
Add upgrade tasks for cinder-volume when it's controlled by pacemaker: o Stop the service before the entire pacemaker cluster is stopped. This ensures the service is stopped before infrastructure services (e.g. rabbitmq) go away. o Migrate the cinder DB prior to restarting the service. This covers the situation when puppet-cinder (who otherwise would handle the db sync) isn't managing the service. o Start the service after the rest of the pacemaker cluster has been started. Closes-Bug: #1691851 Change-Id: I5874ab862964fadb68320d5c4de39b20f53dc25c (cherry picked from commit c4e3bbe039135f32f0e198365e704b3dbfd00290)
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diff --git a/puppet/services/pacemaker/cinder-volume.yaml b/puppet/services/pacemaker/cinder-volume.yaml
index bef47a5..da1e456 100644
--- a/puppet/services/pacemaker/cinder-volume.yaml
+++ b/puppet/services/pacemaker/cinder-volume.yaml
@@ -44,3 +44,18 @@ outputs:
cinder::host: hostgroup
include ::tripleo::profile::pacemaker::cinder::volume
+ upgrade_tasks:
+ - name: Stop cinder_volume service (pacemaker)
+ tags: step1
+ pacemaker_resource:
+ resource: openstack-cinder-volume
+ state: disable
+ wait_for_resource: true
+ - name: Sync cinder DB
+ tags: step5
+ command: cinder-manage db sync
+ - name: Start cinder_volume service (pacemaker)
+ tags: step5
+ pacemaker_resource:
+ resource: openstack-cinder-volume
+ state: enable