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authorMartin André <m.andre@redhat.com>2017-06-16 10:10:54 +0200
committerMartin André <m.andre@redhat.com>2017-06-16 16:09:17 +0200
commit74595a73210bb9cf5e0d688c57e9fa5423422603 (patch)
parent6e72aa9f8157a57dfe4db7bc0a5defb86d800ea6 (diff)
Make a copy of files touched by puppet in container
This should help determine what exactly needs to be bind mounted in the container and should also help limit the size of collected logs in CI, as collecting the entire /etc directory from each container can grow pretty quickly in size and is not that useful. Related-Bug: #1698172 Change-Id: Ie2bded39cdb82a72f0c28f1c552403cd11b5af45
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/docker/docker-puppet.py b/docker/docker-puppet.py
index 4d9d40d4..13211676 100755
--- a/docker/docker-puppet.py
+++ b/docker/docker-puppet.py
@@ -208,6 +208,13 @@ def mp_puppet_config((config_volume, puppet_tags, manifest, config_image, volume
rsync -a -R --delay-updates --delete-after $rsync_srcs /var/lib/config-data/${NAME}
+ # Also make a copy of files modified during puppet run
+ # This is useful for debugging
+ mkdir -p /var/lib/config-data/puppet-generated/${NAME}
+ rsync -a -R -0 --delay-updates --delete-after \
+ --files-from=<(find $rsync_srcs -newer /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts -print0) \
+ / /var/lib/config-data/puppet-generated/${NAME}
# Write a checksum of the config-data dir, this is used as a
# salt to trigger container restart when the config changes
tar cf - /var/lib/config-data/${NAME} | md5sum | awk '{print $1}' > /var/lib/config-data/${NAME}.md5sum