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authorZuul <zuul@review.openstack.org>2017-11-02 08:42:17 +0000
committerGerrit Code Review <review@openstack.org>2017-11-02 08:42:17 +0000
commit3bca95b582adb0d3da6596431c77932f4159342c (patch)
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Merge "Force memcached container log to file" into stable/pike
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/docker/services/memcached.yaml b/docker/services/memcached.yaml
index 817f9ec..67b8424 100644
--- a/docker/services/memcached.yaml
+++ b/docker/services/memcached.yaml
@@ -94,7 +94,15 @@ outputs:
- /var/lib/config-data/memcached/etc/sysconfig/memcached:/etc/sysconfig/memcached:ro
- /var/log/containers/memcached:/var/log/
- command: ['/bin/bash', '-c', 'source /etc/sysconfig/memcached; /usr/bin/memcached -p ${PORT} -u ${USER} -m ${CACHESIZE} -c ${MAXCONN} $OPTIONS']
+ # NOTE: We're adding the log redirection here, even though should
+ # already be part of the options. This is because the redirection
+ # via the options is not working and ends up being passed as a
+ # parameter to the memcached command (which it silently ignores).
+ # Thus the need for the explicit redirection here. The redirection
+ # will be removed from the $OPTIONS, which is done via the puppet
+ # module, but we'll only be able to do this once the following pull
+ # request merges: https://github.com/saz/puppet-memcached/pull/88
+ command: ['/bin/bash', '-c', 'source /etc/sysconfig/memcached; /usr/bin/memcached -p ${PORT} -u ${USER} -m ${CACHESIZE} -c ${MAXCONN} $OPTIONS >> /var/log/memcached.log 2>&1']
- name: Stop and disable memcached service
tags: step2