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2017-06-16Merge "Ensure hiera step value is an integer"Jenkins1-1/+1
2017-06-14Only set the stonith property on the pacemaker_master nodeMichele Baldessari1-7/+0
It makes little sense to enforce the stonith property on remote nodes and/or all cluster nodes. We can just enforce it once on the pacemaker_master node as it is a cluster-wide property anyway. We can also remove the tripleo::fencing -> pacemaker::stonith constraint in the pacemaker remote profile now as the fencing stuff happens on step 5 anyway and the property is set at step 1. While this works in general it creates extra CIB changes for nothing and slows down the deployment. Change-Id: Ifef08033043a4cc90a6261e962d2fdecdf275650 Closes-Bug: #1696336
2017-06-14Ensure hiera step value is an integerSteve Baker1-1/+1
The step is typically set with the hieradata setting an integer value: {"step": 1} However it would be useful for the value to be a string so that substitutions are possible, for example: {"step": "%{::step}"} This change ensures the step parameter defaults to an integer by calling Integer(hiera('step')) This change was made by manually removing the undef defaults from fluentd.pp, uchiwa.pp, and sensu.pp then bulk updating with: find ./ -type f -print0 |xargs -0 sed -i "s/= hiera('step')/= Integer(hiera('step'))/" Change-Id: I8a47ca53a7dea8391103abcb8960a97036a6f5b3
2017-04-26Add support for autofencing to Pacemaker Remote.Chris Jones1-0/+27
We now configure stonith devices for Pacemaker Remote nodes. Change-Id: I87c60bd56feac6dedc00a3c458b805aa9b71d9ce Depends-On: Ifb4d19a6b9920b0e340555d6441878c7234eb197 Partial-Bug: #1686115
2017-01-24pacemaker remote profile supportMichele Baldessari1-0/+37
This support enables a base profile called pacemaker_remote which will allow the operator to automatically configure the pacemaker_remote service on such nodes. This manifest also automatically adds any pacemaker_remote nodes to the pacemaker cluster. Depends-On: I0c01ecb7df1a0f9856fdc866b9d06acf0283fa4f Depends-On: Ic0488f4fc63e35b9aede60fae1e2cab34b1fbdd5 Change-Id: I92953afcc7d536d387381f08164cae8b52f41605