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2017-04-12Make install of kolla optional on the undercloudMartin André1-4/+11
This defaults to 'True' to keep backward compatibility and can be disabled by setting 'enable_container_images_built' to false in undercloud.conf. Depends-On: Ia3379cf66b1d6b180def69c2a5b22b2602baacef Change-Id: I33e7e9a6a3865fed38f7ed6490455457da67782b
2017-04-07Use docker profile in docker_registryDan Prince1-6/+3
The docker_registry profile has resources to configure the docker service and package. These conflict with the entries in the tripleo::profile::base::docker class which exists specifically to manage these resources (and has unit tests). This patch removes the duplicate resources and updates the docker_registry profile to simply include the base docker profile instead. This instack-undercloud change below needs to land first. Depends-On: I6154f4c7435b02b92f6f64687e9ee89d6b86186a Change-Id: I75c740e7efc6662861c28caeb7fa965ba55438cb
2017-03-06Add openstack-kolla to docker-registry profileMartin André1-0/+1
Kolla will be used to build container images and populate the local docker registry. Change-Id: I325a5248754d269d77eaf78224c7379dd81d6053
2017-02-21Stop accidentally removing docker-distributionJiri Stransky1-1/+2
By default Puppet does virtual package matching if precise name matching fails. Docker-distribution RPM "provides" docker-registry: bash-4.2# rpm -q --whatprovides docker-registry docker-distribution-2.5.1-1.el7.x86_64 This means that when we wanted to make docker-registry package absent, we were actually removing docker-distribution instead. This is now fixed by allow_virtual => false. Only name matching is performed. Change-Id: I1f93b404085f0bc2b6c063f573c801db6409c0bb Closes-Bug: #1666459
2017-01-26Rename controller_admin_vip to controller_admin_hostMartin André1-8/+9
Bring change of I53151d4f555d5d161a3e53ce5f022e3bf3b2ffbd into puppet-tripleo. Change-Id: I1227956a0389497eedc00e4ec817f52be608dc75 Related-Bug: #1643655
2017-01-09Add Docker Registry profileMartin André1-0/+73
The profile was moved out of instack-undercloud puppet manifest and changed to install a v2 Docker registry rather than the old, deprecated v1 registry. Change-Id: Iecf7a4c7e86349e6ecaa0a8ee6d37223e3af7862