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2018-04-01Add retry and timeout for VPP interface discoveryHEADmasterFeng Pan2-36/+102
2017-09-15Allow to pass more than two DNS while putting 2 DNSC├ędric Jeanneret2-3/+19
2017-08-23Delete controller for standalone OVS bridgesJakub Libosvar4-16/+28
2017-08-02OvS 2.7 support - dpdk-devargs needs to provided for DPDK devicesKarthik S4-6/+141
2017-07-28Merge "Fix --noop being ignored for dhclient execution"Jenkins1-1/+4
2017-07-18Fix --noop being ignored for dhclient executionDan Sneddon1-1/+4
2017-07-12Add schema-based config data validationFrank A. Zdarsky6-12/+1631
2017-06-27Merge "Continue bringing up interfaces even if one fails"Jenkins5-1/+95
2017-06-09Merge "Multiqueue support for OvsDpdkBond"Jenkins3-2/+88
2017-06-08Use os-net-config mapping file when interface in bond or bridgeBob Fournier2-85/+162
2017-06-08Merge "Configure multi-queue value for DPDK Port"Jenkins3-4/+53
2017-05-31Multiqueue support for OvsDpdkBondKarthik S3-2/+88
2017-05-31MTU setting for OVSDpdkBondKarthik S2-0/+44
2017-05-30Continue bringing up interfaces even if one failsBen Nemec5-1/+95
2017-05-23Configure multi-queue value for DPDK PortSanjay Upadhyay3-4/+53
2017-04-28Configure mtu value for DPDK portSanjay Upadhyay2-1/+6
2017-04-13Merge "os_net_config should map nics that are down if nic is in mapping file"Jenkins4-40/+103
2017-04-10os_net_config should map nics that are down if nic is in mapping fileBob Fournier4-40/+103
2017-04-07Merge "Handle bools-as-strings nm_controlled values"Jenkins2-1/+42
2017-04-06Merge "Correct the test code to remove 'pass' where it is not needed"Jenkins1-2/+0
2017-03-21Add support for VPP interfaceFeng Pan6-10/+471
2017-03-20Correct the test code to remove 'pass' where it is not neededSaravanan KR1-2/+0
2017-03-17Handle bools-as-strings nm_controlled valuesBrent Eagles2-1/+42
2017-03-10Allow setting NM_CONTROLLED=yes in os-net-config ifcfg filesDan Sneddon3-59/+124
2017-03-01Restart Openvswitch after adding DPDK portskarthik s2-0/+46
2017-02-14Merge "Network service is failing with DPDK"Jenkins2-0/+18
2017-01-27Allow ovs_extra to be specified as either a string or listDan Sneddon2-21/+14
2017-01-27Merge "Add check that ovs_extra is passed as list"Jenkins2-2/+51
2017-01-27Network service is failing with DPDKJaganathan Palanisamy2-0/+18
2017-01-23Merge "Exclude SR-IOV VFs in the nic numbering"Jenkins2-1/+34
2017-01-18Remove child members activation for OVS-DPDK bondSanjay Upadhyay1-4/+7
2017-01-05Add check that ovs_extra is passed as listFrank A. Zdarsky2-2/+51
2017-01-05Make os-net-config pass tox py3 testsFrank A. Zdarsky4-16/+16
2017-01-04Exclude SR-IOV VFs in the nic numberingSaravanan KR2-1/+34
2016-11-18Add support for enabling hotplug on interfacesBrent Eagles6-6/+63
2016-11-16Merge "Stop dhclient in os-net-config if interface not set for DHCP"Jenkins2-0/+65
2016-11-15Stop dhclient in os-net-config if interface not set for DHCPBob Fournier2-0/+65
2016-11-15Add ovs_fail_mode option for OVS bridgesBrent Eagles4-9/+80
2016-11-15Add support for name replacement in OVS_EXTRABrent Eagles4-13/+102
2016-11-15Merge "Raise NotImplementedError instead of NotImplemented"Jenkins2-17/+17
2016-11-11Add support for ethtool_opts optionPierre Blanc4-4/+30
2016-10-19Add route_options parameterMatthew Flusche6-35/+77
2016-09-27Add options attribute to NFVSwitchSarath Kumar4-26/+19
2016-09-21Merge "Add mac address to the DPDK mapping file"Jenkins2-18/+60
2016-09-21Merge "Fixed nic numbering issue of DPDK nics after the nic has bound"Jenkins2-18/+244
2016-09-20Add mac address to the DPDK mapping fileSaravanan KR2-18/+60
2016-09-20Fixed nic numbering issue of DPDK nics after the nic has boundSaravanan KR2-18/+244
2016-09-02Raise NotImplementedError instead of NotImplementedJi-Wei2-17/+17
2016-08-29Cleanups and new unit test for IVSSarath Kumar3-31/+37
2016-08-26Supporting numbered nics for DPDK Port and DPDK BondSaravanan KR3-11/+39