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2017-06-09Merge "Multiqueue support for OvsDpdkBond"Jenkins2-0/+9
2017-06-08Merge "Configure multi-queue value for DPDK Port"Jenkins2-0/+7
2017-05-31Multiqueue support for OvsDpdkBondKarthik S2-0/+9
2017-05-31MTU setting for OVSDpdkBondKarthik S2-0/+3
2017-05-23Configure multi-queue value for DPDK PortSanjay Upadhyay2-0/+7
2017-04-28Configure mtu value for DPDK portSanjay Upadhyay2-0/+3
2017-04-11Removed vlan port on ovs_user_bridge in dpdk bond samplesSaravanan KR2-15/+0
2017-03-21Add support for VPP interfaceFeng Pan2-0/+32
2017-03-10Allow setting NM_CONTROLLED=yes in os-net-config ifcfg filesDan Sneddon1-0/+18
2017-01-05Add check that ovs_extra is passed as listFrank A. Zdarsky1-1/+1
2017-01-03Merge "Add support for enabling hotplug on interfaces"Jenkins4-4/+15
2016-11-18Add support for enabling hotplug on interfacesBrent Eagles4-4/+15
2016-11-15Add sample files for fail_mode and ovs_extra templateBrent Eagles4-0/+55
2016-11-11Add support for ethtool_opts optionPierre Blanc2-1/+3
2016-10-19Add route_options parameterMatthew Flusche2-1/+10
2016-09-27Add options attribute to NFVSwitchSarath Kumar2-3/+3
2016-08-26Supporting numbered nics for DPDK Port and DPDK BondSaravanan KR4-8/+6
2016-08-26Add support for OVS DPDK BondSaravanan KR2-0/+80
2016-08-25Add support for OVS DPDK Bridge and PortSaravanan KR2-0/+41
2016-08-16Enhance and fix NIC mapping featureAlan Bishop1-0/+8
2016-08-02Enable os-net-config to support and configure NFVSwitchSarath Kumar2-0/+63
2016-07-25Add adapter teaming support using teamd for ifcfg-systemsDan Sneddon2-0/+31
2016-07-05Add support for Infiniband interfacesDan Sneddon2-0/+44
2016-06-14Add support for OVS patch portsJames Slagle2-0/+60
2016-03-07Enable os_net_config to configure IVSxinwu2-0/+61
2015-10-12Add Linux Bridge capability to os-net-config ifcfgDan Sneddon1-0/+9
2015-10-05Add support for Linux Bonding to os-net-config ifcfgDan Sneddon1-0/+13
2015-05-11Add flag for DEFROUTE=no in ifcfg files to ignore DHCP gatewayDan Sneddon2-0/+23
2015-03-04Merge "Strip trailing whitespace from yaml samples"Jenkins3-13/+13
2015-02-24Add a persist_mapping option to the mapping fileSteven Hardy1-0/+4
2015-02-24Add mapping option to influence nicN mapping orderSteven Hardy2-0/+31
2015-01-15Strip trailing whitespace from yaml samplesSteven Hardy3-13/+13
2015-01-14Add sample and cli test for simple interface configSteven Hardy2-0/+21
2014-08-22Add ovs_extra to some of the sample configs.Dan Prince2-0/+5
2014-08-21A vlan on an OVS bridge doesn't require a deviceDan Prince2-11/+18
2014-08-20Add support for parsing YAMLDan Prince4-1/+43
2014-08-11Add configuration samples.Dan Prince3-0/+54